Myanmar's Great Outdoors

01/03/2017Myanmar News

For many, thoughts of travelling in Myanmar (Burma) conjure up images of glistening golden pagodas, mysterious monasteries populated with maroon clad monks and the colonial quarters of Mandalay and Rangoon (Yangon). Until recently the opportunities for those wanting to explore the countryside were somewhat limited by tight government controls, but in this golden age of change we are seeing these restrictions slowly lifting.

If you're willing to step slightly off the beaten track, Myanmar is now a great place for lovers of nature and active travellers to enjoy the great outdoors. We recently visited the stunning Mt Victoria National Park in the Chin State and found it to be a bird-watching and trekking paradise. This is an area only just opening up to visitors and the only place you can still meet some of the tattooed Chin ladies and witness the simple lives and hospitality of the Chin minorities as you trek through their villages.

For more trekking in beautiful mountains, Kengtung in the far east of the country near the Thai border is another great spot and home to ethnic minority villages of the Akha, Wa & Shan tribes.

There is also Putao in the far north, where you will find one of the most unspoilt environments in all of Southeast Asia. Set in the southern foothills of the Himalayas, Putao is home to many unexplored mountains and offers a wide range of outdoor activities. To find out how we can build a visit to any of these destinations into your itinerary, contact one of our experts today.