Pu Luong Valley, Northern Vietnam

06/01/2017Vietnam News

The wild northern provinces of Vietnam are the least populated in the country, and arguably the most scenic regions with jagged peaks, lush hillsides, and emerald rice terraces. The towns of Sapa and Mai Chau are well established for adventure-seeking Western visitors, but the recent incarnation of the Pu Luong Retreat has now opened up a new area of northern Vietnam to those seeking an alternative to the usual tourist trail.

The Pu Luong Valley is located just a 4-5 hour drive from Hanoi, allowing relatively easy access to some of Vietnam’s most beautiful scenery left undisturbed by mainstream tourism. Until recently tourism in this area had been restricted by the remote nature of the place and a lack of accommodation options. However, this has all changed after the opening of the Pu Luong Retreat in summer 2016. Tucked away on a hillside, the lodge boasts some of the most spectacular panoramic views in the area. The Retreat has 9 comfortable bungalows and 1 traditional stilted house with 16 comfy beds for larger groups. It also has an open air restaurant serving tasty local cuisine, a swimming pool, a spa area and a rock garden. A number of activities can be arranged from the lodge, from short walks to longer treks, as well as rafting and cycling trips. Or you can simply kick back and enjoy the unparalleled scenery.

We have included Pu Luong on our "Adventures in Vietnam" tour, which combines northern Vietnam with a stay at a local guesthouse in Central Vietnam’s Phong Nha National Park, a perfect base for further adventures such as cycling, hiking and caving in the national park. Get in touch to speak to one of our Vietnam experts about arranging your own adventure.