Self-Drive In The Far East

The thought of driving your own hired car on a holiday in Asia does not cross many people's minds and whilst a private driver is certainly still the way to go in a lot of countries that we operate in, self-drive is a genuine option elsewhere. Some of the quieter rural parts of Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan are ideal for exploring independently in your own hired car. Roads in all of these countries are good and driving laws and practices are more akin to what you may be used to in Europe and North America. Self-drive itineraries are also a very handy way of keeping the price of your holiday down.

For the more confident and adventurous traveller, self-driving for part of your holiday is a real possibility and whilst you will be travelling more independently than our other tours, with ‘self-guided' sightseeing, our team on the ground are always there offering full support if needed. We will also ensure that you are provided with suitable maps and a Satellite Navigation System (GPS) with all of your destinations (hotels and optional sightseeing stops) pre-loaded.

After a recent visit to Taiwan, where one of our team did an extensive self-drive tour, we have put together a new 2 week recommended itinerary (‘Self-drive Taiwan') which includes 8 days exploring the south of the Island independently, from Hualien through Taitung County, the beaches of Kenting, the scenic countryside of Maolin and to the ancient cultural city of Tainan.

Malaysia is another country where self-driving can enhance your holiday and our ‘Marvellous Malaysia' tour includes 3 days self-drive between Kuala Lumpur to Penang, exploring the rolling tea plantations and colonial villages of the Cameron Highlands independently.

We also have first-hand experience of self-driving in Japan. Japan has a famously efficient and comfortable train network, but if you are adventuring beyond the main island of Honshu to rural Kyushu, the sparsely populated northern Island of Hokkaido or the beach-clad Okinawa Islands, then self-driving is one of the best ways to get about.