Trekking With Tigers In Laos

Located in the northeast of Laos, the Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area is a biodiversity hotspot covering 3 provinces. The terrain is mountainous, with a wide area of primary rainforest, and is home to many endangered species, including leopards, sun bears, and Asian elephants to name but a few. It is also the last remaining place where you can find tigers in Laos. This is important as it proves the park is healthy enough to support enough prey to maintain a small but significant population of endangered Indochinese tigers.

Although the park covers a vast area only a few sections are open to tourists, and all visitors must be part of an organised tour. The park prides itself on being a model for community-based ecotourism. The local villagers have benefited greatly from the expanse of tourism in the area, with many former poachers turned into conservationists. Villagers receive cash incentives for wildlife spottings made by visitors to the park - the more endangered the animal the higher the incentive - so are actively encouraged to protect and preserve the endangered species resident in the region.

The Nam Nern Night Safari is the original tour set up in the park several years ago, and offers an intense 24 hour experience along the Nam Nern River. Visitors travel by boat to a permanent camp set up in the park itself, where they will be looked after by local villagers. The highlight of the trip is the exciting river safari in the dead of night. Cruising with the engines off through the dense jungle, with just torchlight and the sounds of nature to keep you company, is an experience not to forget.

This year the park has added some additional trekking routes; ranging from some moderate family-friendly 2 and 3 day routes through the jungle, to a more adventurous 5 days trekking up to the summit of Phou Louey (Forever Mountain) and one of the few cloud forests in the region. These experiences offer you the chance to penetrate deeper into the jungle and have the chance to see a wider variety of wildlife. Depending on the length of your trek, your nights would be spent in basic but comfortable huts in the jungle, but with at least one night dedicated to experiencing the ‘Nests’ - cosy spherical baskets suspended from the trees themselves.

If you are interested in incorporating an overnight or multi-day stay in this protected jungle, please get in touch today to speak to one of our experts about how Nam-et –Phou Louey can be fitted into your tailor-made tour of Laos.