Books & films for research

So as to set the scene, we recommend watching a film or two before you travel to Bhutan. We also recommend taking a book or two to read whilst you travel, to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the country. Below you will find a list of books, films and TV programmes which we have found both informative and entertaining and we hope you will too.

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Books about Bhutan

  • Bhutan, the Early History of a Himalayan Kingdom – by Michael Aris
  • Bhutan: The Land of Serenity - by Matthieu Ricard
  • Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan - by Ashi Dori Wangmo Wangchuck
  • The Raven Crown: The Origins of Buddhist Monarchy in Bhutan – by Michael Aris
  • Beyond the Sky and the earth; A journey into Bhutan - by Jamie Zeppa
  • Bhutan: Himalayan mountain kingdom - by Francoise Pommaret
  • Under the Holy Lake - by Ken Haigh
  • The Circle of Karma - by Kunzang Choden
  • Bhutan: Mountain fortress of the Gods - by Christian Schicklgrube
  • In the Kingdom of the thunder dragon - by Joanna Lumley

Films about Bhutan

  • The Cup (film 1999)
  • Travellers & Magicians (film 2003)
  • The Other Final (documentary film 2003)
  • Chorten Kora (film 2005)
  • Made in Bhutan (documentary 2012)