Currency, Credit Cards and Changing Money in Bhutan

If you're planning a holiday in Bhutan, this is what you need to know about currency, cash and credit cards.

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Bhutan’s official currency is the Ngultrum (Nu). It is not possible to obtain Ngultrum outside Bhutan and to get cash you will have to either change UK pounds, Euros or US dollars when you arrive, at hotels or money changers. ATMs are now available, but as they are not guaranteed to work it is best to ensure sure that you take enough cash with you.

However as most, if not all, of your meals will be included in the tour price, you will not need a lot of spending money - unless you are intent on some serious shopping!.

Using credit cards in Bhutan
Credit cards are accepted at large shops and the more sophisticated hotels, however please note use of a credit card may come with a 5% fee to cover charges. If you travel regularly it will pay to apply for one of the specialist credit cards for travellers that offer excellent rates of exchange and charge zero “load” fees when purchasing items. For up to date information on the best specialist credit cards for travellers we suggest visiting one of the price comparison websites.

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