Bhutan Passport & Visa Information

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What passport and visa do I need to visit Bhutan?

It is a requirement of the Bhutan Government that British visitors to Bhutan possess a valid 10 year passport and that the passport has at least six months validity from the date of your departure. Please check that your passport complies with this decree well in advance of travel.

Visas for Bhutan
The Bhutan Government requires British passport holders to have a visa for entry into Bhutan. All visas are approved from Thimphu and are only issued to tourists booked with a local licensed tour operator, either directly or through a foreign tour operator such as ourselves.

We will therefore make the visa application on your behalf. In order to do this we will need a scanned copy of your passport at the time you pay the balance of your holiday cost. The application will then be submitted to the authorities in Bhutan and once confirmed we will receive a visa approval letter.

We will send you this letter with your travel documentation and you should then present it to the check in staff when you check in for your flight to Paro, and again to immigration staff on arrival in Paro.

How to book
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