Plugs, phones & digital Bhutan

See below for a few tips on what to take to Bhutan as the country rapidly embraces the digital age.

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Internet & WIFI
Generally speaking there is good Internet, Wi-Fi and mobile phone overage in Paro & Thimphu, but please note that more remote areas may not be fully covered. Increasingly hotels will offer Wi-Fi access in the lobby, or sometimes your room. Larger hotels may make a charge for this, but many smaller hotels include Wi-Fi in their rates.

Mobile phones & tablets
If you plan on using your mobile phone to make, or receive, calls from home you can save up to 90% of all call costs by purchasing a Global roaming SIM card from Aether Mobile Please note that your phone needs to be unlocked, which can take up to one week to arrange through your provider. If you are using your home provider whilst overseas it is worth ensuring that data roaming is turned off unless you have a suitable tariff.

However these days it is easy to buy a local SIM card on arrival which will connect your phone to the local network and these come with 3G and data. The SIM card costs around US$3 and it can be topped up with whatever amount is needed for calls / internet access.

If you choose not to take your mobile or tablet most hotels will have access to a PC, or a business centre, for online communication. Failing that there are Internet cafes in Paro & Thimphu.

If you are taking an iPad, or other sort of tablet, then you will be able to download a range of applications that offer assistance with the local languages or provide country guides & maps of Bhutan.

Plugs & sockets
Electricity sockets in Bhutan vary. Some are two pin, either flat or round, and some are three pin. Therefore it is highly likely you will need an adapter. If you are travelling with multiple devices then you may wish to take a second adapter to facilitate overnight charging.