Tengchong - Yunnan Province

Located in the very west of Yunnan, along the border with Myanmar, Tengchong was an important stop along the Ancient Tea Horse Road. Tengchong itself is a pleasant and laid-back southwestern Chinese city. Some of the older parts of the city have been demolished to make way for more modern buildings, but plenty of historic charm remains in the Old Quarter and particularly in nearby Heshun Old Town. The surrounding area has outstanding natural beauty, and the landscape is scattered with volcanoes and natural hot springs. Visitors can visit the Volcanic Park, home to the largest group of volcanoes in the country; the beautiful Beihai Wetlands; and the ‘Hot Sea’, an area with over 80 natural hot springs. Tengchong is a major processing centre for jade, and there are a number of shops here selling authentic jade jewellery and carvings.

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