Jinghong - Xishuangbanna Region, Yunnan

The capital of Yunnan’s Xishuangbanna region, Jinghong is a world away from the big, chaotic cities of Northern and Central China. The laid-back town has a southeast Asian flair, and is a gateway to the lush tropical landscapes of southern Yunnan. The most important ethnic group in the region is the Dai people, who have left a mark all over the countryside with their distinctive temples and housing. Hire some bikes or set out on foot and explore the tropical scenery and tribal villages that surround the city.  Xishuangbanna is the last place in China where wild elephants and true tropical rainforest can be found, although both of these are sadly fading away.

This region is growing in popularity as more and more people wake up to the beauty of this part of Yunnan. It has become a popular stop for travellers who are either on their way to Laos or Thailand, or who don’t have the time to make it there but who want a taste of Southeast Asia whilst in China.

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