Xingping - Guangxi Province

Located 25km down the Li River from Yangshuo, Xingping Town is what Yangshuo was before the tourists took over. Xingping occupies a gorgeous position at a sharp bend in the Li River, and the town has a pleasant sleepy atmosphere which never fails to charm. The scenery around Xingping may look familiar to you, as the landscape depicted on the back of China's ¥20 banknote is famously found here.

Visitors can explore the well-preserved ancient buildings of the old town, take bamboo raft rides along the Li River, and explore the surrounding countryside. The hike up to the top of Laozhai Hill offers spectacular views across the town, river, and sprawling karst hills.

Xingping is now increasing in popularity and although most people still visit as a day trip from Yangshuo, there are a number of guesthouses and small hotels catering to a growing number of tourists wishing to spend more time there.

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