Gunma's Hot Springs

Those in search of Japan’s most traditional hot springs resorts should consider visiting Gunma prefecture and the Onsen towns of Kusatsu and Takaragawa. Kusatsu has been famous for several centuries for its bountiful supply of high quality hot spring water from a nearby source, and the whole town seems to revolve around the age old ritual of soaking in baths. In addition to the baths at each and every guesthouse in town, there are a number of exceptional public open-air baths, and it is quite accepted to wander through town to take a bath dressed only in the Yukatas (bathrobe) provided by your guesthouse. For a superb natural setting the traditional styled Osenkaku ryokan at Takaragawa Onsen has a number of fabulous riverfront rooms. Next to the ryokan is a number of spacious mixed-sex open air baths running parallel to the river in a delightfully natural setting. Modesty towels are provided!