The Japanese Alps is a National Park offering the most spectacular mountain scenery in the whole of Japan. In addition to world class skiing during the winter, the area offers excellent hiking, trekking and mountaineering and several delightful Onsen towns. Kamikochi is one of the most popular resorts in the area located on a river plateau at 1500m above sea level and surrounded by some of Japan’s tallest mountains. In the summer time the area offers a superb variety of treks catering for most fitness levels, including a rewarding hike linking Kamikochi and Shin Hotaka Onsen, which includes a ride on Asia’s longest cable car reaching an altitude of around 2900m offering spectacular panoramic views of the Japan Alps and even Mount Fuji on a clear day. A delightful place to stay in the area is Shirahone Onsen, an atmospheric hot spring resort located in a deep gorge. There are a number of traditional Inns in the village, all with outdoor baths filled with this Onsen’s exceptional silky milk blue hot spring water.