The sleepy village of Nong Khiaw sits on the bank of the Nam Ou River in northern Luang Prabang Province amidst some of the most stunning scenery in Laos. Here the river winds between karst limestone mountains which are covered with lush vegetation. With a growing number of comfortable hotels, restaurants and activities this is a wonderful place to take some 'time out' and enjoy the natural beauty of northern Laos.

An interesting excursion from town is a gentle cycle or short drive to some caves 4km from town which were the Pathet Lao headquarters for Luang Prabang Province. Set in dramatic scenery there are several chambers open to the public which offer an insight into the life of the Lao people during the "secret war".

There are also some wonderful trekking opportunities from the isolated fishing village of Muang Ngoi, located one hour upstream from Nong Khiaw. The only access to the village is by river, and the surrounding area is an idyllic landscape of rice paddies, forested hills and small hill tribe villages.  

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