The small village of Muang La is located 200km north of Luang Prabang on the confluence of the Nam La and Nam Phak, in a picturesque area rich in hill tribe settlements and traditional farmland. In the centre of the village sits the impressive Phachao Singkham Temple that dates from the 15th Century.  This temple is a pilgrimage site for Laos’ majority Buddhist population to see the Pra Singkham Buddha statue, which is said to have originated in Sri Lanka and travelled to Laos via India in the 9th Century. One of the most popular activities in the Muang La region is hiking to the villages of the Ikhos, Akha and Hmong people. These hill tribes originated in Yunnan and Tibet and migrated to this area to settle in the highlands of northern Laos. 

One of the big draws to the area is the exquisite Muang La Lodge, which offers understated luxury in an appealing riverside setting. Or for a more affordable option the Nam Kat Yorlapa provides comfort and a wide range of activities that would appeal to families.

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