Health Requirements For Malaysia

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There are no compulsory vaccinations needed for entry into Malaysia unless you are arriving from an area in the Yellow Fever zone, in which case you will be required to show that you have been inoculated against the disease. However it is essential when travelling overseas that you are up to date with your vaccinations and you will need to be up to date with at least the following: Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio and Hepatitis.

Please also note that some areas of Malaysia do have Malaria and if you are spending a long time in remote parts of the country a Rabies vaccination may also be recommended. We therefore strongly recommend that you visit your doctor or a travel clinic for appropriate advice well in advance of your travel date. Please note that some immunisations need to be given a couple of months before travel so we would suggest that you seek advice at least 2 months before you depart. 

For further information MASTA operate travel clinics across the UK and provide a free travel health brief on their website, or get in touch with The Hospital for Tropical Diseases via their website

High Altitude
Please note that some parts of Malaysia, mainly trekking trails on volcanoes, are at high altitude and this could affect your holiday. Altitude sickness can affect anyone and may do so with varying degrees of severity. If you are going to be travelling at high altitude you must consult with your doctor before travelling, especially if you have a known heart (or other) condition. To reduce the chances of being affected by altitude sickness, drink plenty of water and take things slowly so that your body can acclimatise successfully.