The Amara River Cruise is a traditional Myanmar riverboat travelling along the Irrawaddy River. It is made of teak wood and was completely refurbished by local craftsmen in 2003. It is 30 meters / 100 feet long and with a shallow draft of 1 meter / 3 feet, enabling it to travel as far north as Bhamo. The Amara River Cruise has a total of seven cabins, each with their own bathroom with hot and cold shower. Communal areas consist of a bar and canopied sun deck. 24hour electricity is provided by a generator and battery 24 hours a day. Amenities include on-board laundry, fully equipped kitchen and refrigerators

  • Style: Medium
  • Location: Irrawaddy River
  • No. of Cabins: 5
  • Key Features: Comfortable cabins, Sundeck, Restaurant & bar

Our Opinion

A very comfortable vessel for a short cruise. Just 5 cabins ensure personal service and intimate excursions throughout.

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