For more adventurous bespoke journeys we can charter a private local river boat. These are especially good for specialist exploring, such as trips along the Irrawaddy north of Mandalay to see the Irrawaddy Dolphins. Accommodation is simple but comfortable. On the lower deck, which is semi open, there is a ‘kitchen’ at the back as well as a toilet with cold water (no shower facilities on board). In the big open space a dining area will be set up as well as beds with cotton mattresses, pillows and mosquito nets. You will receive a comfort pack containing a cotton sheet sleeping bag and a towel. On the upper deck an open sundeck, partly covered by sunshade, with comfortable rattan chairs invites you to relax and enjoy the passing scenery. All meals will be served on board as you cruise, which includes private riverbank dining for every evening you spend aboard. 

  • Style: Simple
  • Location: Irrawaddy River
  • No. of Cabins: 1
  • Key Features: Private service - fully bespoke itinerary, All meals included, Dining area , Basic toilet & shower facilities

Our Opinion

Definitely for the adventurous! Facilities are rustic, but rewarded by a totally unique experience. 

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