Mergui Archipelago is comprised of over eight hundred islands and covers an area of ten thousand square miles. These pristine islands had, until January 1997, been closed to all foreigners for well over fifty years. This area is totally untouched by modern development and has a rich history of maritime trade, mysticism and piracy. The modern day Mergui Archipelago is almost exactly as it was in days gone by, bar the piracy! Due to the archipelago’s virtual isolation, the islands and surrounding seas are alive with an amazing diversity of wildlife, flora and fauna.

There are a couple of dive resorts that afford access to the archipelago, and its natural riches, otherwise visitors may like to book a cabin on one of Burma Boating's yachts or Pandaw's Andaman Explorer. Both cruising options give you a chance to see a variety of islands, beautiful beaches and a chance to meet the sea gypsies - the archipelago's indigenous people.   

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