On Sri Lanka's Northeast coast, Trincomalee, known as ‘Trinco' to the locals has historically been of great economic importance due to its large natural deep-water harbour, which has led to it changing hands a lot throughout the years. Indeed, evidence of former Portuguese, Dutch and British rule can be seen in the town and surrounding area. In more recent times the region has suffered more than its fair share. Firstly from the civil war which ran from 1983 to 2007. Close to the front line and the Tamil stronghold in the north, Trincomalee often saw tension and conflict between its native Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese communities. Secondly from the 2004 Asian Tsunami that destroyed many buildings and brought about a devastating death toll. Although international relief efforts helped to rebuild ‘Trinco' you still don't have to look very hard to find evidence of the tsunami damage. Nowadays however, there is a distinct air of optimism around the place and the beautiful beaches that are found to the north of the town (in Uppuveli, Nilaveli & Kuchchaveli) make this one of the Islands best places to enjoy a bit of relaxation (and seafood).

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