Plugs, phones & digital Sri Lanka

Before embarking on a holiday in Sri Lanka it pays to familiarise yourself with the type of electical adaptor you may need to take and to plan how you will use your mobile phone and get online during your trip.

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Electricity in Sri Lanka
Electricity sockets in Sri Lanka vary. Some are two pin, either flat or round, and some are three pin (UK style, type G.) Therefore it is highly likely you will need an adapter that can connect with multiple socket types. If you are travel­ling with multiple devices then you may wish to take a second adapter to facilitate over­night charging.

Mobile Phones in Sri Lanka
If you plan on using your mobile phone to make or receive calls from home you can save up to 90% of all call costs by purchasing a Global roaming SIM card at the airport - please ask your driver to assist you with this on arrival. Alternatively we can include a portable wifi device with your booking and you can rely on WhatsApp and other online communication while in Sri Lanka.

Internet in Sri Lanka
You can access the internet either through hotel wifi or in some cafés, but you may find connections are temperamental at times and there may be charges involved in getting online. We can include a portable wifi device so you can be online wherever you are without spending a fortune on data. If you would like a portable wifi device to be included in your tailormade holiday to Sri Lanka, please ask your consultant at the time of booking.