Highlights of South America

South America is one of the world’s great tourist destinations with iconic sights liberally distributed across the length and breadth of this enormous continent. Huge mountains, massive waterfalls, enchanting and vibrant cities, ancient cultures, tropical jungles, vast rivers, icy glaciers, unique wildlife and amazing tribal people all vie for your attention. So where to start? Rio de Janeiro perhaps, maybe deep in the Amazon or possibly in the Bolivian salt flats? Or how about following in Darwin’s Ecuadorian footsteps, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, seeing penguins in Patagonia, crossing the Andes, gazing at stars from the Atacama Desert, doing the samba in Buenos Aires, horse riding in Uruguay or looking for Pablo Escobar’s hippos in Colombia. The choice is bewildering, not to say mouth-watering, for the avid traveller, and because of this we have a spiritual bond with South America and would be delighted to assist you see the best of it using our friends, and contacts, in the region.

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