According to the locals, when Queen Elizabeth II visited Korea in 1999, she asked to see the ‘the most Korean place in the country’ – and this is where she was taken. Andong proudly labels itself the Capital of Korean Spiritual Culture, and has a rich history Confucian thought and folk traditions. The Hahoe Folk Village is the promiment local site, showcasing a variety of traditional wares and customs, while there are also a couple of preserved Confucian schools, local pagodas, and a soju museum. Andong has an excellent speciality food culture and visitors should take the opportunity to especially sample Andong Jjimdak – spicy steamed chicken with glass noodles – while also leaving room for local variants of makgeolli and rice wine. Visitors in the last week of September will be treated to the famous Andong folk festival, in which local traditions, especially mask-dancing, are showcased. 

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