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Mobile Phones & Internet

Most of the big UK networks works will have connections in South Korea and if your phone is enabled for overseas calls you should be able to get a signal in the main towns and cities. The Internet is now a major feature in South Korea and you will find Wi-Fi hotspots are widespread. Most hotels will offer Internet access and some even offer it as a free service. However you will probably find that you will get a better rate outside the hotel if it is not free.


Throughout South Korea 220 volt, 50 AC appliances are used, although some of the bigger hotels may use 110-volt electrical appliances. Plugs are usually twin pin and so electrical appliances from the UK will normally require an adaptor. Most large hotels will have a hair-dryer in the room, or you can ask for one at the reception desk.


There are excellent photographic opportunities in South Korea so remember to pack your camera. For ease, we recommend taking a memory card for your digital camera that is big enough to store all of the photos and videos that you are likely to take on your whole trip. If you do need to purchase a new memory card while you are away or want to transfer photos and videos that you have already taken onto a flash drive or a CD then there are cyber cafes and photography stores where this can be done in the larger towns and cities, but not necessarily in the more remote parts of the country. South Korea is one of the most digitised countries on the planet, so although you can still find photographic film and videotape in some stores in South Korea, it is becoming less and less common as film cameras have now largely been superseded by digital cameras.