Top 5 Foodie Experiences In Japan

20/04/2017Japan News

Food is a highlight of any tour in Japan. Culinary experiences are abundant, and endlessly mouth-watering! Below is a short list of our favourite ‘foodie’ things to include in your visit:

1) A Kaiseki dinner at a top Ryokan: A skilfully prepared, exquisitely presented multi-course traditional meal, served on a low table in your room. The ultimate Japanese dining experience, especially when served in one of Hakone National Park’s top ryokan.

2) A Noodle Adventure: Join Brian MacDuckston, Tokyo resident and author of the popular blog 'Ramen Adventures' on an evening noodle tour of Tokyo. A self-proclaimed “ramen otaku” - that’s ramen nerd to you and me - Brian knows the capital’s finest and most down-to-earth ramen joints!

3) The Daio Wasabi Farm: Set in scenic countryside outside Matsumoto, this farm is a lovely place to explore. It is one of the largest wasabi farms in Japan and visitors can try all manner of wasabi flavoured goods…including wasabi ice-cream!

4) Home cooking class: Learn how to cook some simple Japanese dishes in a private home in Kyoto – Japan’s cultural capital. A great way to learn more about Japanese food whilst discovering an authentic local environment.

5) Oysters & Chablis at Kakiya Café: Treat yourself to a glass of Chablis and some fresh local oysters on the relaxing veranda of this stylish café on Miyajima Island.

With so much good food on offer throughout Japan it was very tough keeping this list to just five. If food is a key interest please let your Japan consultant know and we can think of plenty more ways to indulge during your tour