Lhuentse is probably the northernmost part of East Bhutan that is relatively easily accessible to tourists. The area is famous for its textiles and the few visitors that do make it to this part of the country usually come with the intention of seeing some of the best weavers, and fabrics, in Bhutan. There are a number of villages in the Lhuentse region that specialize in weaving and that are happy to receive visitors.

As with many other parts of the country the region is dominated by a strategically located dzong. The one is Lhuentse is alleged to be one of the most beautiful in the country and it overlooks a small number of shops and restaurants that make up the ‘urban centre' of the region. The accommodation in this part of the country is basic and there are only a few guesthouses and hotels. Although it is interesting to note that the current royal family hail from this part of the country so maybe things will improve as the region opens up.

Experiences to Inspire in Lhuentse