The road leading to Mongar is one of the most spectacular in Bhutan as it passes over sheer cliffs and through beautiful fir forests and green pastures before reaching the nearby 'Rhododendron Garden' which, in season, offers an opportunity to see countless varieties of rhododendrons. From the garden, weather permitting, it is also possible to get a glimpse of Gangkhar Puensum, which at 7541m is the world's highest mountain that has yet to be officially climbed.

The hillside town of Mongar itself is the gateway to the east of Bhutan. Historically its position has meant that traffic, and the supply of goods, from east to west (and vice versa) have had to pass through Mongar. As a result many overland tours break the journey here and enjoy the local hospitality. Mongar itself has a small population and the distinction of having one of the country's newest dzongs - built in 1930 - which holds an annual, week long tsechu in November. The town centre offers traditional shops, a large prayer wheel, the ubiquitous archery ground and a number of small guest houses that cater for weary travellers.

Experiences to Inspire in Mongar