The bowl shaped Phobjikha Valley is one of the most famous scenic spots in West Bhutan. This is due to the great opportunities for gentle trekking, in sight of the Black Mountains, and also because the valley is something of a nature reserve as it is the seasonal home of the black-necked crane from November to February each year. These endangered birds make their way from the bitter cold winds of Tibet to the more sheltered hunting grounds of the Phobjikha Valley. Their arrival in November is a cause for national celebration and accordingly a festival is held in the valley each November.

As well as the cranes, and other indigenous wildlife, the valley offers visitors a chance to see traditional rural villages and lifestyles and there is even a chance to stay in a local farmer's house for those wishing to see how the locals live. Conditions are basic but a homestay here does give a real insight into Bhutanese culture.

Experiences to Inspire in The Phobjikha Valley