In the 17th century Wangdue Phodrang (then known as Wangdi) was considered to be Bhutan's second capital as it commanded an important central position, close to Punakha, which allowed it to control transport routes between the west and the centre of the country. Until recently Wangdi had a very fine dzong which was host to one of the most colourful tsechus in the country. Sadly Wangdi Dzong was gutted by fire in June 2012, thus destroying in a few hours not only a magnificent building that had stood proudly for hundreds of years, but also the painstaking work that had been in progress for many months to rebuild recent earthquake damage using traditional construction methods. The area around Wangdi has a few nice hotels and its position makes it a good stop over point as you move from the west of the country into more central territory (or vice versa).

Our Hotels in Wangdue Phodrang