Nanga Sumpa Lodge

Situated deep in the forest, around a 2 hour boat journey from the Batang Ai Lake, is the Nanga Sumpa Lodge. The lodge is next to the Ulu Ai Longhouse community and guests are invited to visit the longhouse and interact with the Iban community that lives there. There are a total of 18 basic sleeping quarters with raised sleeping platforms and shared toilet and shower facilities. Meals are prepared in the lodge and feature fresh jungle vegetables and other local delicacies. The basic nature of the accommodation at Nanga Sumpa means that this experience is only for the more adventurous traveller and not for those seeking luxury. The beauty of the local area and the Iban people are the real attraction of staying at this remote lodge.

  • Style: Basic
  • Location: Batang Ai National Park
  • No. of Rooms: 18
  • Key Features: Neighbouring Iban Longhouse community, Basic Jungle Lodge, Shared dining, Shared bathroom

Our Opinion

Simple lodge in the heart of the jungle. Nanga Sumpa gives guests a fantastic opportunity to interact with a genuine Iban tribe.

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