The Yangtze / Three Gorges

One of the mightiest rivers in the world, the Yangtze stretches some 3,915 miles from the wilds of Tibet across the entire length of China, only escaping into the sea on reaching the coastal region near Shanghai. The Yangtze has had an enormous influence on China over the centuries. It has provided the livelihood for millions as well as being a source of inspiration for generations of poets and painters.

To the visitor it is a romantic legend along which one can see some of China’s most picturesque scenery. The stretch of the Yangtze that lies between the towns of Chongqing and Wuhan has for many years been renowned as the ultimate place to river cruise due to the dramatic scenery in and around the Three Gorges. It is these gorges that have captured the imagination of visitors like nowhere else and a visit here has to be one of the highlights of a trip to China.

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