Lijiang - Yunnan Province

Partially destroyed in a huge earthquake in 1996, Lijiang was rebuilt and is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The new city pales into insignificance beside the intricate maze of cobbled streets that make up the Old Town. Send some time just soaking up the atmosphere, either in the old market square with the town elders, or beside one of the many streams that course through the town.

A favourite spot with Chinese tourists, Lijiang can seem crowded at times but the beauty of the Old Town is undeniable. We always recommend staying in a hotel in one of the quieter old towns nearby such as Shuhe or Baisha instead. Visiting Lijiang Old Town early in the morning is a good way to beat the tour groups and experience the more serene side of the town.

Fantastic scenery abounds just out of town in the national park beside Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and, further north, in one of China’s most scenic spots: Tiger Leaping Gorge.

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