Yangshuo - Guangxi Province

A delightful town best reached by the sublime boat trip from Guilin, which takes around four hours. Once the preserve of backpackers, Yangshuo has opened its doors to a wider audience and has seen much development in recent years. Although the town itself may no longer be the serene countryside retreat it once was, stay in one of the many boutique hotels dotted around the countryside out of town and you can still find the peace you are looking for.

Unwind and spend a few days here cycling around some of the most fantastic scenery you could wish to see. Small villages, with their traditional way of life, are dotted throughout the lush paddy fields which in turn are bisected by the Rivers Li and its sister the Yulong. Everywhere you go the karst landscape forms a beautiful backdrop, whether walking, cycling or drifting downstream on a bamboo raft.

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