Jiayuguan - Gansu Province

Known as the 'Mouth of China', Jiayuguan is most famous for its impressive fort. Constructed during the Ming dynasty, the Jiayuguan Pass represents the westernmost end of the Great Wall of China. Given its scenic position between Qilianshan and the Black Mountains the town was strategically placed to defend what has become the Silk Road as it passed on its way out of China.

The Jiayuguan Great Wall differs from the more popular sections near Beijing, as it is built with rammed earth from the desert. The remaining sections have been restored and now present an imposing scene snaking over the mountains outside the city. The Jiayuguan Fort is one of the Silk Road’s most recognisable images. Known as the ‘Most Impregnable Pass Under Heaven’, Jiayuguan Pass is one of the best preserved of the Great Wall’s fortresses.

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