Evolve Back Hampi

Evolve Back’s Kamalapura Palace opened in 2016, and in doing so brought an entirely new level of luxury to the Hampi area. Designed to recall to the glory days of the Vijayanagara Empire, the resort is modelled on a 14th century royal enclave, and is most certainly palatial in style. The majority of the suites – 37 in total - are housed in the main palace building, with a further 9 villas in the adjacent ‘Zenana’ enclosure. The suites are extremely spacious and opulently-equipped, with the villas then larger still, each housing a large private pool. Also within the two-storey palace building is a semi-open multi-cuisine restaurant, neighbouring the pool and bar, and then upstairs the more intimate speciality Newabi restaurant. A third building then houses the gym, spa, Ayurvedic treatment rooms, library lounge, and a small boutique. The resort is located 4km south of Hampi town and offers several unique ways to explore the complex – on foot, by bicycle, 4WD – and all-in-all is a most luxurious base to spend several days discovering this evocative corner of southern India.

  • Style: Luxury Resort
  • Location: Hampi
  • No. of Rooms: 46
  • Key Features: Tuluva Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Bahmani Specialty Restaurant, Aanandha Restaurant, Pushkarni Restaurant, Deep Mahal Lounge, Infinity Pool, Family Pool, Reading Lounge, Vaidyasala Spa

Our Opinion

Live like a Vijayanagaran King at this truly sumptuous property. 

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