Stok Palace - Stok

Built entirely by the Ladakhi craftsmen in 1820, the Stok Palace still continues to be a snug abode for the Namgyal Dynasty. It was opened to public in 1980, with blessings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and provides its most impressive and enigmatic lodging. The four-storied building is stately on the outside and atmospheric inside: a network of shaded corridors, dappled courtyards, and beautiful artefacts and decorations. The Palace’s rooms are equipped with modern ensuite bathrooms and extremely comfortable beds, and from your position on a ridge overlooking the village provide breath-taking views. Note however that this is a historical building and as such there is no WiFi, no TVs, and no telephones. Rooms are provided in the Palace lounge and restaurant and are a mix of local and subcontinental fare.

  • Style: Heritage Property
  • Location: Ladakh
  • No. of Rooms: 9
  • Key Features: Restaurant & Lounge, Palace Museum

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Stay in royal Ladakhi palace? Why not!

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