The Elgin Fairlawn

The Fairlawn is a Kolkata institution. This iconic property has spent over 150 in existence, during much of which it has been handed through generations of the same colonial family. Over the years it has played host to an array of literary and theatrical figures including the Kendal family, Dominique Lappiere, Julie Christie, Tom Stoppard, and Sting (to name a very few). The rooms are rather spartan and the building is definitely showing its age, but what the Fairlawn lacks in comfort it more than makes up for in charisma and star quality – as the hundreds of signed pictures and memorabilia adorning its walls will attest. Following the passing of matriarchal (and A-list confidante) Vi Smith in 2014, the Fairlawn has passed into the ownership of the Elgin group, and is currently under-going something of a face lift.

  • Style: Simple
  • Location: Kolkata
  • No. of Rooms: 19
  • Key Features: Restaurant, Lounge, Wifi

Our Opinion

Renovation will bring much-needed modern comfort to this rather tired property, but not, we hope, at the expense of its undeniable charm.

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