Malang was developed by Dutch plantation owners in the late 18th Century who grew coffee in the surrounding hills. With an agreeable climate the town flourished under the Dutch, and the town has a wealth of interesting buildings harking back to the golden age of colonialism. Classic Dutch architecture can be seen in all corners of the city including the cathedral, schools, hotels, mansion houses and even a coffee shop.

Just outside Malang there are the small Hindu ruins from the Singosari Empire which ruled East Java for a brief spell in the 13th Century before the ascendency of the mighty Majapahit Kingdom in nearby Trowulan.

An enticement to visit this quiet corner of East Java is the Tugu Malang, a fascinating hotel filled with oriental antiques and extravagantly decorated in a Javanese style. The hotel has endless private dining rooms with antiques and artwork on display, many of which would not be out of place in a gallery or museum, making it a destination in itself especially for fine art and antique enthusiasts.

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