Set within a vast ancient caldera along with five smaller volcanoes, Mount Bromo is a hugely popular destination for its dramatic lunar landscapes and spectacular views at sunrise. There is a viewing platform located on a vantage point high up on Mount Penanjaken at 2770 meters above sea level. Mount Bromo can be seen in the foreground with Mt Semeru smoking in the distance as the sun rises quickly through the sky ever changing the light and colours of the volcanic landscape. After sunrise it is possible to descend into the caldera and climb to the crater rim of Bromo (with the assistance of a horse if required!) to see the bubbling volcanic lake which belches out sulphuric gasses, and stunning views of the surrounding landscape from a different perspective.

The eerie landscape of Mount Bromo is sacred to the local Tengger people who hold the Kasada festival every year when offerings of vegetables, chickens and money are thrown into the crater of the volcano as sacrifices to their gods.

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