The Jimyoin Shukubo is a traditional temple lodgings in a great location in the centre of Koya-san. The shukubo has a large garden and traditional buildings and you will be served fabulous vegetarian meals. You will be welcome to join in morning prayers which are usually at around 6am in the morning. Baths are shared (single sex) but modern and clean. It is the friendly monks though that really make this place such a special stay.

  • Style: Temple
  • Location: Mount Koya (Koya-san)
  • Key Features: Garden, Library, Main Worship Hall, Indoor shared bath, Jimyo-in Temple

Our Opinion

The Jimyo-in offers an unforgettable temple stay experience, with a warm welcome from the monks and some delicious vegetarian temple food. Don't miss the early morning chanting in the main temple hall before breakfast.

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