Highlights of Okinawa

Comprising around 160 Islands, the Okinawa archipelago is Japan's tropical paradise. It offers visitors the best beaches in Japan, fascinating Ryuku culture, wonderful snorkelling and diving, exceptionally laid back and friendly locals and deliciously unique food. There is loads more to dive into in Okinawa, besides the crystal blue sea!

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Part of the Yaeyama Island group Ishigaki is one of Japan’s southernmost islands. Its white sandy beaches make Ishigaki Japan’s premier beach destination. Besides topping up their tan visitors here can enjoy walks in the lush mountainous interior, snorkelling in its crystal-clear waters, or tucking into the unique local cuisine.
Tomari Port, Naha
The largest and most populated island in the archeplago is known simply as ‘Okinawa’ or the ‘Main Island’ and it is over 100km in length from north to south. Popular activites here include day trips to nearby islands such as Zamami, swimming off white sand beaches, snorkelling or diving trips and indulging in the fantastic local food.