Mount Victoria National Park

Mount Victoria (elevation 10200 ft) is situated in the Chin Hills, which form a southward extension of the Himalayas into Southeast Asia. Locally known as Khaw Nu Thoung in Chin or Natmataung in Burmese, both titles literally mean "Mother of the Spirits" in either language.

Mount Victoria, the highest peak in southern Myanmar, has now been upgraded into a national park (179 sq miles), and is inhabited by about 200 species of birds including the endemic White-browed Nuthatch. It is also reknowned for its flora and fauna, with some rare wild mammals occasionally spotted as well as the variety of Avian life. 

The principal towns of Mindat and Kanpetlet are surrounded by tiny villages, home to numerous different minority tribes such as the Makan, Dye, and Aye. The women of each tribe are distinguishable by the various patterns of facial tattoos. Locals are very friendly and certainly photogenic, but please we advise travellers to show respect when approaching and photographing them. 

Improved roads mean that the area is now more accessible than in previous years, with the drive up from Bagan taking around 5-6 hours. We recommend at least a 3- or 4-night stay in the area in order to fully appreciate the national park and to make the long transfers worthwhile. 

Experiences to Inspire in Mount Victoria National Park