What to expect on arrival

Although Nepal is a well-established tourist destination you are likely to feel a sense of culture shock when you arrive. Therefore there are a few important things to bear in mind as you travel through this fascinating country:

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  • Nepal had a devasting earthquake in April 2015 and the country is still rebuilding. As a result you may see ruined buildings and the aftermath of this disaster as you travel around.

  • Nepal is a developing country and things that we take for granted in the West may not be present here.

  • In remote areas the hotel choices will be limited, and the general standards in these areas may be more basic than you are used to.

  • Government action, weather and local conditions can sometimes disrupt itineraries and it helps to be flexible and patient if such situations arise.

  • Avoid drinking tap water. Most hotels will provide either bottled water or filtered water in the rooms. Bottled water is available everywhere, but to cut down on plastic use we recommend taking your own refillable or filtered bottle and refilling as you go.

  • Be careful to protect yourself against dehydration, heat exhaustion, sunburn, and the effects of altitude.

  • Remove your shoes when visiting temples and when you are entering a Nepali house.

  • Always ask permission before taking photos inside any temples, and before photographing any local people. Some people may be unwilling to be photographed for religious reasons or for reasons of personal modesty.

  • Be wary of giving money to beggars. An impact of begging is that it may create dependency and it may be better to donate money to local schools or charities. You can discuss this with your guide.