Laws & Customs in Oman

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Visitors need to be aware that Oman is a predominantly Muslim country and should make themselves aware of local laws and customs before embarking on a holiday to Oman.

It is always wise to dress with more modest clothing in public places, showing respect for the local culture. We recommend not wearing sleeveless shirts, blouses, shorts or other clothing that allows of a significant display of flesh. Ladies are also recommended to carry a scarf or shawl to cover their heads when visiting religious sights. A scarf can also be handy providing you with much-needed protection from the sun, sand and cold!

Sturdy and comfortable shoes are essential for sightseeing. Please be aware that you may be required to remove your footwear before entering mosques or other religious sites. It should also be noted that while it is acceptable to sit cross-legged, showing the sole of the foot, or pointing it at a person would be considered as an insult in Oman.

The temperature can be very hot in the day and cold at night so you need to think carefully about what cloths to take, making sure that you have some warm clothes for the evening, especially if you are spending time out in the desert.

Drinking Alcohol
It is illegal to drink alcohol or to be drunk in public. You will find that some hotels and restaurants are licensed to sell alcohol to consume within their premises and others are not - it is often the larger luxury hotels which have a licence while some smaller hotel and local restaurants outside Muscat do not.

Oman is a fantastic destination for photography and photographers will find an enormous choice of subjects to capture. However, you should be aware that it is advisable to take photographs of locals only with their permission and women in particular may not like being photographed. It is also forbidden by law to take pictures of military facilities, borders and airports and it is important to observe 'NO PHOTOGRAPHY' signs, particularly at mosques.