Safety Tips

The UK Foreign Office has a very good website with plenty of useful advice on travelling abroad and it also offers up to date information on the safety & security situation in each country.

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It is therefore a good idea to get up to speed with your chosen destination/s by visiting the FCO website before you set off:

You may also wish to follow the FCO on Twitter so as to get updates whilst you are abroad @FCOtravel. This service aims to help travellers have a trouble free trip by providing advice and information before, and during, their trip abroad. It will also provide assistance in the case of an emergency.

For up to date travel advice in Oman please visit:

In case of an emergency, you should contact our local representatives using the emergency contact numbers provided in your travel pack. For police, fire authorities or ambulance in Oman, call 9999.

Temperatures soar into the high 40’s in parts of Oman in the summer months. Always carry a lot of water, especially when exploring the deserts. 1 and 0.5L bottles are available in supermarkets. It is good to carry snacks too, as you might not see a shop or stall for miles. See our page on Health requirements in Oman for more information.

Oman’s forts and mountain trails are a delight to visit but rails and ropes are not always available when climbing steep steps. Please keep your eyes alert to any potential hazards as you climb and ask for assistance if required. 

As tempting as the oceans might appear, sea currents can be very strong on the coast. Always seek advice about safe swimming areas before entering the water.