Highlights of Main Islands

The three main islands in the Seychelles archipelago, and which attract the majority of visitors, are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. The island of Mahe hosts the international airport where most people arrive to start their adventure in the Seychelles and is also home to the capital Victoria and some of the country's best hotels including the Four Seasons and Banyan Tree. Its neighbour, Praslin, offers a more relaxed feel and provides some wonderful beaches as well as one of the country's most important national parks. The smallest of these three islands is La Digue but the landscapes here are some of the Seychelles most famous. Its huge granite rocks and white sands have featured on many an advertising poster.    

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Coastline, La Digue
La Digue is one of the most celebrated islands in the Seychelles. Its huge dark granite boulders and white sandy beaches have provided the backdrop for many an advertisement. Visitors can reach La Digue by boat from Praslin and the main mode of transport once you get to the island is the bicycle. 
Aerial view, Mahe
Mahe is the arrival point for most visitors to the Seychelles. It is home to the main international airport and the capital Victoria which was named after the former British sovereign. The island has some fine beaches and supports a range of accommodation from small family run hotels to the sophisticated upmarket hotels that can be found overlooking its grander beaches. 
Beach, Praslin
The island of Praslin is the second largest in the Seychelles and can be reached by a short flight from Mahe or a longer ferry ride. Praslin is famous for its national parks and the Vallee de Mai Nature Preserve where you can see the unique coco de mer and indigenous birdlife like the Seychelles Black Parrot.