Hwangnamguan offers accommodation in a traditional Korean-style 'hanok' setting. A very different experience from staying in a conventional international hotel, but more befitting perhaps when enjoying the cultural and historical treasures of Gyeongju. Although very traditional in design, rooms are equipped with modern amenities including TVs, air-conditioning, under-floor heating, and free WiFi access. Bedding is provided and laid out on the floor for sleeping. Communal facilities include a garden and terrace area, plus an onsite cafe/bar for breakfast and light snacks. The property is located in a quiet residential area but well-placed for local restaurants and equally convenient for sightseeing.

  • Style: Hanok (Inn)
  • Location: Gyeongju
  • No. of Rooms: 27
  • Key Features: Garden, Terrace, Cafe, Bar

Our Opinion

A satisfactory mid-range hanok hotel, good for those looking for a more traditional experience. 

Bamboo Rating: