Less than an hour south of Seoul lies the historic city of Suwon. Suwon is most famous for its UNESCO-protected Hwaseong Fortress, constructed in 1794 to become the peninsula’s new capital. Unfortunately for Suwonites, King Jeongjo died before the move could take place, and the royals remained in Seoul. The fortress does however very much survive, and a good half-day (at least) can be taken to explore the walls and complex within. The city has now long since expanded beyond the fortress, with further sightseeing possible in the Korean cultural village on the northern edge of the city, or in the Gyeonggi-do Arts Center near the centre. In modern Korea Suwon is renowned for two things: local footballing outfit and Korean giants Suwon Bluewings, and the local barbecue speciality Suwon Galbi – be sure to try both if given the opportunity!

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