Alternative experiences for Grand Tour of the Philippines

Why not personalise this tour by including something different? We have selected the following alternative experiences that can easily be added to your itinerary. Please mention any modifications on our enquiry form, even if your desired experience is not shown below.

Dinner with Fireflies, Puerto Princesa, the Philippines
Puerto Princesa & Honda Bay
Wildlife & Conservation
Taal Volcano, the Philippines
Taal Lake, Manila
Natural Wonders
Local Market, Negros, the Philippines
Local Lifestyles
Mount Pinatubo, the Philippines
Mount Pinatubo, Manila
Natural Wonders, Outdoor Activities
Mount Pulag, Baguio, the Philippines
Outdoor Activities
Manila Food tour, the Philippines
Food & Drink, Local Lifestyles
Visit Pamilacan Island and go dolphin watching, Bohol
Panglao Island
Beaches & Islands, Cruises, Wildlife & Conservation