Air France is the national carrier and operates a huge global network from Paris. The airline flies to more than 200 destinations in 90 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North America and South America. Air France is a member of the SkyTeam alliance and has a fleet of 234 aircraft (mostly  Airbus & Boeing) planes with a variety of cabin configurations that include Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class and First Class.

Departs From

  • London Heathrow
  • Manchester

Regional Connections

  • Aberdeen
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds Bradford
  • Newcastle
  • Southampton

Economy Class

The seat is upholstered in navy blue with red embroidery. Specially designed pillows accent the stylish cabin and a fleece blanket and comfortable accessories are on offer. There is ample room for your legs and you can incline the headrest as desired. The armrest is fully retractable (on most seats) when your seatback is in both the upright and inclined positions.

A cup holder is available for your beverage even when your tray table is folded. A special hook is provided to stow your headphones. You can also take advantage of the large seatback pocket in front of you to store your magazines and books. Electrical outlets are available in your row, and a USB port is located under your screen so you can stay connected.

It’s easy to enjoy the entertainment. Tap your screen (like a tablet) to access your entertainment selection, available in 12 languages. Your entertainment program is updated every month and includes movies, documentaries, TV series and cartoons.

Premium Economy Class

Entirely designed with well-being in mind, the Premium Economy cabin is available on intercontinental flights. Its elegant design brings about a sensation of relaxation and space, perfect for rest or work. The Premium Economy cabin allows you to travel in perfect serenity: the cabin is separated by a divider on both sides and contains a limited number of seats.

Equipped with a large and relaxing seat, the Premium Economy seat gives you 40% more space compared to the Economy cabin as well as multiple storage areas. The seat reclines within a fixed area to ensure your personal space and comfort for all. For your ultimate well-being, your headrest, foot-rest and leg-rest adapt perfectly to the contours of your body. To make sure you can enjoy work or play independently, the Premium Economy seat also includes a number of features:

  • a wide interactive video screen
  • a noise-reducing headset
  • a personal, adjustable reading lamp
  • an electronic PC outlet and a USB port
  • a complimentary travel kit redesigned every 6 months, containing personal care items and a bottle of water
  • and for a comfortable rest, we will provide you with a fleece blanket and a feather pillow.

Business Class

To ensure comfort and well-being all throughout the flight, Air France have re-designed the Business cabin that is available on certain intercontinental flights. The new cabin serves as an office, restaurant, entertainment lounge and bedroom. You decide how to use the cabin to meet your needs. 

The contemporary design and subdued elegance of the Business seat offers a graceful shape, padded upholstery, footrests, leather armrests, topstitching on the headrest and metallic finishing touches. Every detail is designed to ensure your well-being, comfort and privacy throughout your flight. The seat becomes a helpful travel companion, adapting to meet all your needs. Need to work? How about some rest or sleep? Adjust the seat to the position that is right for you. 

The new Business seat represents the airline's vision of the travel experience. Your benefits include the following:

  • A fully flat bed
  • Direct access to the aisle for every passenger
  • A multipurpose area (desk, restaurant table, bed) offering even greater privacy
  • A seat that transforms into a full bed. Nearly 2 m / 6.5 ft in length, it is made of comfortable materials and an armrest that lowers completely. With this additional space, you are free to find the sleeping position that is right for you. 
  • Accessories designed to help you avoid jet lag: an XXL feather down pillow and a soft duvet in glacier blue and warm grey.

In the Business cabin, each of your electronic devices—smartphone, tablet and laptop—has a secure place in the storage areas. You can also charge them using a personal power outlet and USB port. Your personal storage compartment features an elegant red interior and contains noise-reducing headphones as well as a mirror. Store your daily-use items here to keep them close at hand. You can also adjust the lighting to meet your needs: reading, ceiling and ambience lighting. 

La Première (First Class)

In the La Première cabin, you will receive a tailored personalized service from staff at all times. Once you arrive on board, the crew will introduce themselves to you. Next, you will be welcomed into the La Première cabin where every feature emanates sophistication and style: soft leather, suede, textile fabrics with a tweed trim, subtle wood and metallic finishes. 

In the La Première suite, you are free to orchestrate your trip in whichever way you see fit. Move around in the cabin or enjoy some privacy, as you please. Make yourself at home in the sky, with a range of services available to you, including an individual cloakroom, storage space, and a bedside lamp. And if you're traveling with someone else, feel free to invite him or her to join you at your large table by taking a seat on an elegant and comfortable ottoman. In your private suite, you can sleep soundly. Your comfortable upright seat transforms into a bed measuring 2 m / 6.5 ft in length and 77 cm / 30 in in width. It has a memory foam mattress, a pillow and a large fluffy duvet. This way, you are sure to enjoy a full night's sleep in hotel-standard comfort.

From the moment you board the aircraft to the moment you land, you are in control of a complete, latest-generation entertainment system. The intuitive touchscreen interface and remote control exists in 12 languages. Movies, games, TV shows, documentaries, music, relaxation videos… Enjoy 1,000 hours of on-demand entertainment and browse through the our catalog of items for sale on board. Feature movies are available in HD, transforming your 24-inch screen into a veritable movie theatre. On board the A380 aircraft, your 10.4-inch interactive screen gives you access to a varied program of on-demand video.

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